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Pursuit Of Quality

We make no compromises in terms of quality as we are serving drinking water, which is consumed by thousands of people per day. We make sure that the water we serve from rock springs is sodium free, has zero alkalinity & zero E.coli on its bacteria level. Our water is 100% natural spring water, spring drinking water and we strictly abide by the rules and regulations of South African National Standard (SANS 241:2006 & 2011).

The water is filtered naturally by the earth with a distinct composition of minerals. From springs to glass, our offered bottled water goes untouched by human hands to make sure a quality product. The packaging material is PET plastic- perfect for bottled water. It protects the quality of naturally sourced water.

Our Water
  • Natural Spring Water
  • Spring Drinking Water
  • 100% Natural Spring Water
Our Springs

Water is a lifeline of every living creature on earth. From natural sources till freshly served in one's glass, the natural water passes through a very long process which is carefully planned as well as implemented. Our bottled water is collected from rock springs, and it is good for health reasons. We, after a careful research and analysis, have selected rock springs that are untouched and those we feel can be used and managed for a longer period of time. The analysis encompasses researching the geological makeup of the spring, its history, weather patterns and check its contaminant level. If all these parameters perfectly fit our requirements, we capture water from those sources, without disturbing their natural balance.